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    Blister Prevention Business resources are designed to help you put your blister management knowledge and skills to work for your business.

  • Enhance Your Reputation

    By excelling at blister management, you'll enhance your professional reputation, the reputation of your podiatry practice and of our profession as a whole.

  • Boost Your Bottom Line

    Use our established framework to maximise this untapped revenue stream, attract new clients and stop losing business. Your patients will thank you for it!

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You'll get access to Marketing Resources professionally designed to maximise your practice revenue with minimum effort while improving access to quality blister advice to your patients

Here's What You Get

    1. How To Access Your Resources

    2. How To Use Canva

    1. Facebook Group

    1. Promote the "Fix My Foot Blisters Fast" Course

    1. "Find A Podiatrist" Directory Page

    1. Watch this video with your team

    1. How To Provide A Blister Plan

About this resource

  • $100.00 / month
  • 24 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Get the word out!

There is a huge backlog of people out there struggling with annoying foot blisters, unaware there's a way out. You have the expertise fix them. All you need to do it get the word out. And we've got everything you need to do it. Here's just a few ... ($5,200 value)

  • #1 Artwork & Social Media Template Files

    $3,300 value

    Get complete access to our bank of social media posts, patient handouts, brochures, posters and the fill-in-the-blanks "My Blister Plan" document. These are all professionally designed and fully customisable so you can add your colours, logo and practice details and really make them your own.

  • #2 PowerPoint Presentations

    $1,650 value

    You'll love our range of powerpoint presentations, too, for running, walking, hiking, netball, footwear retail and more. You'll have a captive audience wherever you use these. Because remember, blisters are officially the most common injury in sport (and arguably everyday life). These are significant revenue-generators and encourage your audience to book in to get their very own Blister Plan.

  • #3 Email and Website Assets

    $250 value

    We've included a range of assets to use on your website to demonstrate to your expertise blister management. Write a blog post, add our images, use our landing page copy, add your "Blister Prevention certified" web badge. But that's not all. We also have professionally written re-engagement emails and text messages you can use in your business to let everyone know you can help.

More revenue-generating resources

We're not leaving you on your own - we're here to help you support your patients and maximise your impact ($1,547+ value)

  • #1 Make Extra Revenue with Fix My Foot Blisters FAST!

    $100 value per patient

    Guarantee your patients blister success by offering them the Fix My Foot Blisters FAST course for a whopping discount. Anyone can buy this course for $300, but as a BPBusiness member, your patients get a 67% discount, so it only costs them $100. Not only that, WE GIVE YOU that $100. This is our most exciting revenue-generating opportunity for you and your practice. It's perfect for your patients who are training for something, or taking part in an event, especially if that interstate or internationally when they don't have access to their usual support systems. They'll thank you for it!

  • #2 Be Found By Clients Who Are Searching For Blister Solutions

    $750 value

    As a member, your practice(s) will feature on our 'Find a Podiatrist' page. With 80,000 people visiting the Blister Prevention website every month, being in our directory not only means your website gets a substantial SEO boost, it also means they can find your practice when searching for podiatrists in your local area. Blister sufferers should be seeing podiatrists - that's what we're trying to facilitate here.

  • #3 Ongoing Support and Updates


    As well as the professional support you'll receive from me and Dr Doug Richie in the private Facebook group, you'll also have access to the expertise of our healthcare marketing partners, Fluidic. Julian and his team will be available to answer your marketing-related questions, troubleshoot and keep you moving forward.

Money-Back Guarantee

You Simply Can't Lose

We understand it can feel risky trying new things in your business. But we know this system works and we're confident that you'll soon be making more money back than the investment you made, while also delighting the pants off your patients. So if you don’t see results within 3 months, we'll gladly refund your money.

What People Are Saying

“Congratulations on putting together a fantastic resource which is easy to navigate and offers the most comprehensive educational tool about friction lesions which I have ever seen.”

Doug Richie, DPM

“I highly recommend this course for all podiatrists, especially those working with the active or athletic population. Blister management is an important skill to bring to the sports medicine team, and it's a skill that podiatrists are perfectly positioned to deliver. Effectively managing blisters can make a significant impact on the overall health and performance of athletes across a range of sports. This is the ultimate course you need to give you those skills.”

Kent Sweeting BHlthSc(Pod), Performance Podiatry & Queensland Orthotic Lab

“This is truly a thorough and complete resource on everything blisters, offering practical treatment solutions and careful explanations supported with scientific reference. The course content is clear and well guided. For any Podiatrist working with athletes and those active, the skills and additional resources tools this course provides are a welcomed and valuable addition.”

Darryn Sargant BSc(Pod), Peak Podiatry

“The Blister Prevention Business course is really great, so detailed. I like the addition of the social media resources and I look forward to using them. I'm also planning to host a few workshops on blister prevention soon, so the powerpoint presentations will save me a lot of time. Thanks!”

Natalie Morgan BSc(Pod), Nailsworth Podiatry


  • Think you can save money and do this yourself?

    Impossible! The Powerpoint presentations alone would take you weeks and over a thousand dollars to produce. That's not to mention the after-hours support you're able to offer your athletes by providing a members-only 67% discount to Fix My Foot Blisters FAST. Without lifting a finger, we pay you $100 and we provide this resource to your patients, making you look good! That's just 2 of the resources you get in BP Business. The cost of researching and designing these marketing materials alone would be substantial, in monetary terms and in time.

  • Think this costs too much?

    On the contrary. You'll be making more that these resources cost you. If not, simply cut and run. There are no lock in contracts. After 3 months, you're welcome to cancel your subscription and leave with the resources you've used and implemented.

  • How long do I have access?

    As long as remain subscribed as a member, you'll have ongoing access to everything. You'll also receive ongoing updates, new marketing materials and support to help you develop and continue growing the blister prevention part of your business.

  • Don't have the time for this?

    Yes you do. Because we've done all the hard work for you. But if you're stuck, reach out to us - we're here to help.

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